Meet the Chocolate Mountaineers

When they met, they realized that as a group, they could help, teach, and support each other, as well as have a sense of belonging and identity. With this in mind, they formed a Club for all children and like-minded people to join. They called it the Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

These twelve characters have been developed with personalities, traits, values, and good habits for children to not only have fun with, but to learn from and emulate. Each character also possess a talent in the Arts such as: music, singing, dancing, painting, writing, acting, and even cooking in order to introduce the Arts to children at a young age.

Seeing the help and positive impact of being a Club member, and with spirit of goodwill and a sense of compassion, the Chocolate Mountaineers wanted to share with and help other children. In order to do this they formed the Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation. The Foundation supports other non-profits that align with the Club’s core values and directions such as:

  • Teaching and instilling Values
  • The value of the Arts in Society
  • The need for character development
  • Enrolling parents and adults
  • The need for grassroots change